Evelyn Dunstan

Born 1961, Auckland, New Zealand

Evelyn started glass casting in 2003 after 25 years as a graphic artist, designer and illustrator in various industries in advertising, photography, publishing and print, the last 13 as the art director for a publishing company.
She began a career as a full time sculptural artist in 2002 setting up a home studio, experimenting in glazes, slip casting, raku, moulds, firing, and learning new skills with metal sculpture - welding and bronze casting, wood, concrete, stone carving, stained glass, lead lighting and mosaics.

After working with color all her life, lead lighting introduced the ultimate properties of glass: combining color with light, and a basic night class in glass casting (2003) combined the form of sculpture with added depth and dimension of glass - along with an endless source of possibilities and technical challenges. A year casting on her own led to being selected for a more comprehensive 1 year casting course at Auckland’s Artstation in 2004. She has since attended Glass Master classes and workshops both in New Zealand and overseas in fusing, slumping, carving, engraving and sandblasting, painting enamels on glass, flame work, hot casting, glassblowing along with attending overseas GAS (Glass Art Society, USA) and Ausglass (Australian) Conferences.

Awards & Recognitions

2011 Gaffer Glass Lost-wax Casting on Murano, Venice, Italy: Invited and sponsored by Gaffer Glass
2010 Ranamok Glass Prize Finalist 2 selected, Peoples Choice
Molly Morpeth Canaday Award 3rd prize
2009 Molly Morpeth Canaday Award Finalist
2007 Ranamok Glass Prize Recipient
NZ Bombay Sapphire Blue Room
Molly Morpeth Canaday Award Finalist
Luminous Artworks, HiltonHonourable mention
2006 Ranamok Glass Prize Finalist 2 selected
The Object as an Eloquent Statement: NZSAG Biennial Conference 2006 Member Exhibition: 2nd Prize
Luminous Artworks, Hilton Honourable mention
2005 Ranamok Glass Prize Finalist 2 selected
2004 7th Manukau Vessel & Sculpture Exhibition Merit Award 3rd

Education & Experience

2011 Dr Gerry King (Aus) Masterclass: Kilnformed Glass Whanganui, NZ
Creative Crossroads: GAS 41st Annual Conference Seattle, WA, USA
Artists Collaboration Investing Techniques Hugh McKay, Oregon, USA
April on Murano: Sponsored by and Representing Gaffer Glass NZ.
Tutoring Lost-wax Casting at Abate Zanetti Scuola del vetro, Murano, Venice, Italy
Lawrence Morrell (US) Masterclass: Photo-Mask Sand-Carving, Whanganui, NZ
Daniel Clayman (US) Ausglass Post Conference Workshop Assisting Technical Assistant 3/5
Peripheral Vision: Ausglass 15th Biennial Conference Sydney, Australia
2010 Bursting Bubbles: NZSAG 3Oth Anniversary Conference Auckland, NZ
Tutor, Pre-Conference Workshop: Taming your wax
Presentation: Different approaches to casting
Demonstration: Different moulding techniques
Ann Robinson Post conference workshop: What’s going on in there? Auckland, NZ
NZSAG Committee (2008-2010) Production of ‘NZ Glass Art’ book
Arts Tutor (2006 - 2010) Lost wax Glass Casting Auckland, NZ
2009 Pounamu Carving, Sam Wilkinson
Sydney College of Arts, Residency, Sydney Australia
Artists Collaboration, 7 Australian & 2 NZ glass artists, Sydney, Australia
2008 Glassblowing, Peter Viesnik
USA Casting techniques, Hugh McKay, Oregon, USA
Hot Casting, Mitchell Gaudet, Seattle, USA
Emma Varga, Masterclass
Bronze Casting, Corbans Summer School, David Reid
2007 Painting on Glass, Sharon Peters, Canberra Glassworks
Oamaru Stone Carving, Lauren Kitts
Precious Metal Clay, Pakuaranga College
Vinyl Hot Melt Moulding, Workshop
Aluminum Casting, Pakuranga College
2006 Flame Beadmaking, Peter Viesnik, Auckland, NZ
Raku Pottery, Auckland Studio Potters
Fusing & Slumping Workshop, Claudia Borella, Auckland, NZ
2004 Cast Glass Course, Artstation, Auckland, NZ
Metal Sculpture, Penrose, Auckland, NZ
2003 Cast Glass, Slumping & Fusing Glass, Uxbridge, Auckland, NZ
2002 Stained Glass, Edgewater, Auckland, NZ
1981-2006 Ceramics and Pottery, various institutions, Auckland and Hamilton, NZ
1979 Graphic Arts, Waikato Ploytechnic, Hamilton, NZ

Selected Exhibitions

2012 Influence, OREXART, Aukland, NZ
Spark and Flame: 50 years of Art Glass, Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, WI
Reboot, Milford Gallery, Queenstown, NZ
New Glass Collection, Form Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
Estuary Artworks 2012, Uxbridge, Aukland, NZ
2011 Pathways, Milford Galleries, Queenstown, NZ
Geometry, Annual Masters of Glass Exhibition, Sabbia Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2010 “Oz, Studio Glass from Australia and New Zealand”, Studio, Palm Desert, CA
Putputi, The Flower in Contemporary New Zealand Art, Hastings City Art Gallery, NZ
Exposed #4, Uxbridge, Manukau, Aukland
Earl Street Journal, Milford Galleries, Queenstown, NZ
2009 Molly Morpeth Canaday Glass Awards, Whakatane District Museum & Gallery
Canterbury Museum, New Zealand
2008 NZ Sculpture OnShore, Devonport, Auckland
Showcase of NZ Glass Art, Te Papa Museum, Wellington
Kiwi Caravan, Uxbridge, Manukau, Auckland
Cavalier Bremworth Luminous, Mazda Artworks at the Hilton
2007 Bombay Sapphire Blue Room, Auckland, Wellington
Molly Morpeth Canaday, Whakatane Museum & Gallery
Re:Fraction, Waitakaruru Sculpture Park
Art Trail Out East, Uxbridge, Manukau, Auckland
Art Trail Out East, Auckland Botanical Gardens
Wheaton Glass Weekend 07’, Wheaton Village, USA, Represented by Glass Artists Gallery, Sydney, AUS
Crossings, Uxbridge, Manukau, Auckland
2006 Crystalline World, Waiheke Community Art Gallery
Manukau Vessel & Sculpture Exhibition
A Touch of Glass, Mairangi Arts Centre, Auckland
NZ Society of Artists in Glass Biennial Conference Members Exhibition, Artstation, Auckland
The Object as an Elequent Statement, NZ Society of Artists in Glass, Biennial Conference Members Exhibition, Artstation, Auckland, NZ
Blues Exhibition, The Glass Gallery, Mahurangi, NZ
2005 Ranamok 2005, Opening Craft ACT, Canberra, Australia, Touring Aur 2005- Oct 2006
Matters of Substance, 35th GAS Conference, Adelaide, Australia
Waiheke Ceramics Award, Waiheke Ary Gallery, Waiheke, NZ
2004 Fragments, Cast Glass. Artstation, Aukland, NZ.

Selected Publications

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Selected Collections

Ranamok Glass Prize Winners Collection, Australia
Kaplan/Ostergaard Glass Collection,
Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA, USA
Seven Bridges Art Foundation, Greenwich, USA
Pitchersky/Morrison Collection, CA, USA
Sir Elton John Atlanta, USA
Andy and Deirdre Plummer, Australia